2021 Online Submission for Audition Videos

Deadline for video submission: April 7th, 2021

Due to the situation regarding coronavirus, we have moved our auditions to an online submission format. Follow the directions below to record your video and upload to Youtube.  Input the url/link into the submission form below. Repertoire will also be submitted below in the same form.

Video Instructions


  1. Play pieces by memory.
  2. Preferably, play on an acoustic instrument for the video recording. Digital/ electronic pianos will be accepted if there is not an acoustic option.
  3. Use one fixed camera angle, where performer(s) and instrument(s) are visible at all times. Make sure the full body is in view, as if viewing the performer in a concert.
  4. All repertoire listed on the application form must match the video submission form.
  5. Use a separate url/link for each piece.
  6. Label each video link with the appropriate piece title, which includes: Composition title, key, Op. and the composer. For example: Sonata in F Minor, Op. 2, No. 1, Beethoven
  7. Only solo repertoire written for unaccompanied instrument or voice may be performed without an accompanist.
    1. Judges will listen to each video up to the following time limits:
        • Elementary Solo/Ensemble: 10 minutes
        • Junior Solo/Ensemble: 15 minutes
        • Senior Solo/Ensemble: 20 minutes

Helpful Hint: Teachers, please check the quality of your students’ videos before submission.


  1.  Introduce yourself or the piece.
  2. Edit the video.
  3. Have background noise that might reduce sound quality of the video.

Entrants who do not follow these guidelines will be disqualified.

Repertoire Information: Repertoire will be uploaded digitally and shared with the judges. This music will be shared via a link and placed in the same YouTube submission form that is below. Please look below for instructions.

Instructions to upload student music:
1. Scan in music via a printer or Camscanner App
2. Save as a PDF and upload to the google drive account (make sure all pages of one piece are included in one link). Access to the google drive account will be emailed to teachers along with Student ID’s
3. Press the share icon, which will create a shareable link and press copy link.
4. In the box for the video submission put a comma and add the link for the music. For example if Amy Lam is playing Fur Elise for Video one:
Link for YouTube of Fur Elise, Link for Score of Fur Elise.

Youtube Video Format

After using the above video recording guidelines, upload your video to youtube.

Once uploaded, please select edit details as follows:

  • Title: Enter Student ID Number (received from auditions chair)
  • Description: Enter the Title of your Composition here.
  • Privacy: Select Unlisted
Enter the URL/link of each video in the form below.

             YouTube Submission Form