It shall be the purpose of this Association to promote professional and social relations between its members; to provide programs and activities of instruction and interest to private music teachers, college, university and conservatory music teachers, and others interested in the music teaching profession; to raise the standards of music teaching, performance and appreciation among music teachers, institutions and the general public in Knoxville; and to encourage a greater respect on the part of music teachers and the public at large for the music teaching profession.


It shall be the policy of this Association to cooperate with all worthy musical organizations and in particular to develop a close cooperation with the Tennessee Music Teachers Association and the Music Teachers National Association with which this Association shall be affiliated. This Association shall not be concerned with the teaching and other activities of music in the public schools, except to work cooperatively with the public school music teacher organizations of Knoxville and its environs for the improvement of all music in this area.


Section 1. There shall be five classes of membership: Active, Patron/Associate, Honorary, Student, and Senior.

Section 2. Active membership shall be open to teachers of music in any of its various branches. Active members shall have the right to vote and hold office.

Section 3. Patron/Associate membership shall be open to all persons interested in the activities of this Association other than those eligible for active membership.

Section 4. Honorary membership

Section 5. Senior membership shall be open to members who are 70 years of age or older and who have been active members for the five years immediately preceding the effective date of the application.


Membership dues shall include MTNA, TMTA and KMTA dues in one payment and are payable to MTNA. Separate National, State and Local memberships shall not be permitted.

Active member dues: $150.00 per year. The National, State and Local dues for Active members are as follow: MTNA $91.00, TMTA $35.00 and KMTA $24.00.

Patron dues: $91.00 per year.

Collegiate member dues: $27.00 per year. (MTNA $19.00, TMTA $2.00 and MTAUTK $6.00)

Senior dues: $127.25 per year. (MTNA $68.25, TMTA $35.00 and KMTA $24.00)

Dues amounts might change, and it is best to check the MTNA website, mtna.org, for further information.  Click on the Join and Renew Tab on their website.

MTNA sends dues renewal notices to members in March. Dues must be paid by June 1st for any member to be listed in the KMTA yearbook, hold office, etc. The fiscal year begins on June 1st and ends on May 31st.