“Repertoire Swaps: Advocating for Women Composers through Intermediate to Early Advanced Romantic and Impressionist Solo Piano Repertoire” 

by Lynn Worcester Jones, Assistant Professor and Keyboard Area Coordinator

UT Chattanooga


10/11 (2nd Friday)

“The Coyote Underneath the Tuxedo”

An Unusual Discovery of Music by MinTze Wu 

An up-close and personal look at a musician’s journey from a conservatory-trained violinist to a producer of an international multi-disciplinary cast, her curiosities and discoveries of classical music as an expressive medium of performing arts.

Founder and Director of BenFeng Music Studio & Productions, Wu is a violinist of many passions. She has been heard on stages from the pubs in Poland, opera houses in Italy, concert halls in Australia, US, Taiwan, and the remote villages in Newfoundland. She had performed as a member of Azmari Quartet, Sarasota Opera, San Diego Symphony, and Australian Chamber Orchestra, and from 2004-2007 she was a full-time faculty at Northern Kentucky University. She has been active in presenting, performing, and creating music projects inspired by different genres, cultures, and traditions, with notable projects such as Peer Gynt, Death of the Pugilist, Metamorphosis, Carmen Fantasy, Kiss, Passage, Trances, and Beneath. Her last production of Xu Zhimo & His Transfigured Night has been presented at the National Concert Hall and National Opera House in Taiwan. She has collaborated with filmmakers, theatre directors, writers, calligraphers, dancers, and visual artists in Taiwan, Canada, and the USA.



“Money Talks”
A Workshop by Christine Dunn, pianist & FACD Financial Advisor

Discussion on how you can translate your vision for retirement into tangible goals. Whether you are 10 or 40 years from retirement, you’ll learn investment strategies you can use now to help you retire when and how you want.


12/6 (1st Friday)

Christmas Party! 

Fay Adams’ home

7209 Sheffield Dr., Knoxville, TN 37909




Sunday, 2/2

Knoxville’s Got Talent

Student Recital at UT Powell Recital Hall


Theory Exams


Performance Auditions


End of Year Party! 

Date and location TBA